Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to wish everyone a merry Christmas and that I hope everyone is enjoying themselves this holiday season. I write this from my blackberry using the program Blackberry Meta Blog which allows posting to xmlrpc capable web platforms. Very handy but not the most efficient way ti do it. The reason why updates have been posted in the past week is that in my haste to leave for the holidays I forgot much of the tech equipment that I had set aside including blackberry chargers and thinkpad charger among them. Thus my blackberry has been my sole internet access for the last 4 days which has been hard. It is also a great tribute to the blackberry as I have not gone insane from internet withdrawl…


Essential Blackberry Applications: Part 3

Here comes part 3 of my essential Blackberry apps list. Yes, I am an App whore. Yes, I love my Blackberry. No, I do not want an iPhone (I use copy/paste, lol).

  • Poynt (Free) – Poynt offers 411 service, movie times and directions. I have only tested the service in Canada which works fantastic. I imagine it works in other countries also but you will have to check. The local business listing is fantastic. A couple days ago I needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping for my wife. I used Poynt (which can use your GPS to determine your location and proximity to businesses) to search for the local store which I needed to order the gifts from. It was the first result of


Facebook Connect for WordPress, OpenID and Google Friend Connect

Nobody ever wants to sign up for yet another page they may use once or twice then forget again. Or some people refuse to sign up for sites because they have one password for everything and using it on your site is posibly adding another way for their identity to be stolen. Never fear, Facebook connect to the rescue!

Everyone and their mom has a Facebook account. Well my Mother doesnt, but she does have a notebook with hand written instructions on how to turn on the computer, load Firefox and get into Ebay. But you get my point. In an effort to get some discussions or feedback on certain posts, I have implemented the ability for visitors to login to my blog via a Facebook account, an Open ID account or a plain old Wordpress account. This means you dont have to create another username and password for some dudes blog. Yay. Also Wordpress and OpenID account avatars are taken from Gravatar. …


My Early Christmas Presents

I actually got these last month but haven’t posted till now. New case, new sound card and new Nvidia GTX 260. I actually posted about it here. Well here are some pics of the new case. I needed one with a lot more cooling considering the GTX 260 is half the size of my Xbox 360 and restricts airflow. The Coolermaster 680 is an awesome case. I just wish it was a tad bigger but other than that I cant recommend it enough.…


Self Hosting Sucks

Jeff Atwood and the guys at Stack Overflow posted about their dilemma as they try to scale: to host their own servers or pay a management company to do it for them. Tough decision? Yeah right.

I like to tinker with my computer. Since I was a wee teenager I played with Linux. At 15 I was given access to a Linux shell and charged with maintaining multiple Quake 2 servers running on a sweet sweet OC12 at Qwest and serving hundreds of players daily. During these years I thought it must have been the coolest job to get paid to tinker with servers all day. Since I have become enlightened in a number of ways……


Complete Blog overhaul & mobile support

Drupal makes me want to break things. As much as I wanted to resist the move to Wordpress the transition was easy, quick and painless. The new 2.7 interface is actually very nice. The blog looks great in my opinion and I look forward to posting much more content.

I have included a Wordpress plugin called MobilePress that provides content nicely to mobile devices and I have added my Xbox tag and many social media sites to the right sidebar. Feel free to add me and expand your and my social network.

Essential CrackBerry Apps Part 3 coming soon…


Essential Blackberry Applications: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my BlackBerry application list. I have included Twitter links so you can follow the progress and updates of the apps you decide to use. I also added my Twitter feed to the left of the blog. You are also welcome to follow me.

  • BerryStore (Twitter) (Free) – I wish I would have found this app a few days ago. This app is fantastic as it has a nice interface to find, rate and download Blackberry apps straight from the program. Many of my essential apps can be downloaded directly from BerryStore.Dont let the name deter you, the vast majority of programs included in ‘”the store” are completely free. Download this right away.


Essential Blackberry Applications: Part 1

I just purchased my first Blackberry, the Bold. As a techie I have scoured the Internet looking for custom apps, tweaks and just about everything I can do to tinker with my new pda/phone. I have gone through a dozen IM programs and a dozen others looking for high quality and useful apps for my new Blackberry. Here is my list of essential apps.

  • TwitterBerry (Twitter) (Free) – Great minimalist Twitter client. UI is the best of the alternatives (TinyTwitter, BlackBird) and the most responsive. Now that Twitter no longer is offering SMS service to the UK or in my case Canada, Twitter on the BlackBerry is essential. TwitPic support is built in (although I was having some issues with it) and I


Log4net app.config with console and file logging

Here is a quick example .config of log4net that does basic logging to the console and to a text file. I found a great tutorial outlining the config here but it didnt have a full example anywhere from what I found.…