Facebook Connect for WordPress, OpenID and Google Friend Connect

Nobody ever wants to sign up for yet another page they may use once or twice then forget again. Or some people refuse to sign up for sites because they have one password for everything and using it on your site is posibly adding another way for their identity to be stolen. Never fear, Facebook connect to the rescue!

Everyone and their mom has a Facebook account. Well my Mother doesnt, but she does have a notebook with hand written instructions on how to turn on the computer, load Firefox and get into Ebay. But you get my point. In an effort to get some discussions or feedback on certain posts, I have implemented the ability for visitors to login to my blog via a Facebook account, an Open ID account or a plain old WordPress account. This means you dont have to create another username and password for some dudes blog. Yay. Also Wordpress and OpenID account avatars are taken from Gravatar.

When I was looking into the Facebook Connect I came across Google’s newly out of beta Friend Connect. I thought this was going to be another system of login much like Facebook or OpenIDs but to my surprise all the stupid thing is is a way to say you are a fan of the page and the ability to post on “the wall’” of a website, ala Facebook profiles. Hello Google, anyone home?

If you are interested in adding the same functionality to your blog it is very simple for WordPress powered blogs. You can find the plugin at Socialable.es but be forwarned, this is under very active development with releases almost every day for the last week. I have run into many bugs and glitches with some of them continuing to exist. The OpenID plugin can also be found on WordPress’s site.

Notes: I got the idea for the Facebook Connect from Juan’s Blog, the author of Xberry Live!, Xbox 360 friends list for Blackberry.

  • Hey there. Is it difficult to implement FaceBook connect within WordPress? Thanks 🙂

  • Hey there. Is it difficult to implement FaceBook connect within WordPress? Thanks 🙂

  • Juan Carlos Canaza Ayarachi