The beautiful phrase “Man, I am an idiot…”

How often do you have “Man, I am an idiot” moments? Forgetting to pay a bill on time, saying something stupid and regretting it immediately after, or chopping the tip of your finger off cutting red peppers? Yeah, gross… Well if I did either of those things I dont think I would be too happy but in the programming world “Man, I am an idiot” is one of the things I like to hear most…

Today my team and I were plugging away, coding up a storm. We have some upcoming deadlines so we are all in crunch mode. The problem is that if I have done a ton of work that is all on a  related task, I begin to make stupid errors. I dont know if that is normal…


Things I hate about my Blackberry Bold

I have had my BlackBerry Bold 9000 for nearly two months now. I figure I have spoken enough about how awesome and useful it, and some of the applications I have found are. The device however is not without its faults– there are certain things about it that drive me insane. 

  1. Reboot Time – It takes more time to reboot the Bold then it does to reboot my desktop and then my laptop one after the other. For a full five minutes the device is useless. I wish I understood why it takes so long.
  2. Slow Processor – The Bolds 624 mhz processor is the fastest among BlackBerrys. Why then is the device so bloody slow? I see the animated clock icon all the time


Why, oh why ?!? Windows 7 – 32 bit version.

Beginning January 9th, 2009, Microsoft will be officially providing a beta version of Windows 7 to the first 2.5 million downloaders according to the Windows Team Blog. The download, which will be in .iso format will be available via the official Windows 7 website. Microsoft is offering 32 and 64 bit versions allowing the option for fresh installs or upgrades from Windows Vista SP1.…