Things I hate about my Blackberry Bold

I have had my BlackBerry Bold 9000 for nearly two months now. I figure I have spoken enough about how awesome and useful it, and some of the applications I have found are. The device however is not without its faults– there are certain things about it that drive me insane. 

  1. Reboot Time – It takes more time to reboot the Bold then it does to reboot my desktop and then my laptop one after the other. For a full five minutes the device is useless. I wish I understood why it takes so long.
  2. Slow Processor – The Bolds 624 mhz processor is the fastest among BlackBerrys. Why then is the device so bloody slow? I see the animated clock icon all the time. Granted, I use the device a little harder than most, and even though I hate to seem like the guy who can’t be impressed by anything, let’s be honest: the performance of  some of the apps is laughable. For example, my Keepass database is roughly 100kb, regular AES encryption. Using KeepassBB to open the DB on the Berry takes roughly 30-40 seconds. My Windows Mobile that is currently over 3 years old can do the same thing in less than half the time. Again, I would love to understand–maybe its the programs algorithm–not sure.
  3. Battery Hog – This thing goes through batteries like I wish I could go through video cards. It needs to be charged daily, even after purchasing AutoStandBy and a 25% larger 1700 mah battery.
  4. No .NET Compact Edition – This is too much to hope for, but I wish the Blackberry supported .NET CE. I know this would be too good to be true, but would attract new developers to the platform.
  5. Developer Tools – I am not the best judge, but from what I have seen and experienced so far, the programming for Blackberry is far from a perfect experience. The Eclipse plugin is just becoming functional, the JDE is a blast to the past and the developer site is not as good as it could be. Supporting Java ME apps is good and it appears like RIM is extending their APIs with the newer OS’s
  6. Some programs launch at startup, even if you dont want them too – A couple apps that I have to have on my Blackberry launch themselves when the device boots for no apparent reason other then to annoy me. There is no way to disable this in the app, but there is also no security or startup setting on the OS that will let me prevent these lame apps from starting.
  7. No built in Multi-Alarms – Seriously, what is going on with this one? I can only have one alarm at a time with the software the RIM ships. 
  8. Cant change default browser – I wouldn’t want to change it to Opera just yet as it lacks essential features for me (send page address via email) but I shouldn’t be locked into using one browser when I click links from other applications.
  9. BlackBerry Desktop Software Sucks – Does the Blackberry desktop manager work properly for anyone? I dont think so. I know it attempts to upgrade your foreign language packs every time you turn it on, even if you dont use those languages. Backups are broken with custom ring tones/alarms. Roxio is garbage.
  10. Creaky Battery Door – The Bold has this fancy pleather backing on the battery door. Too bad the door does not fit onto the device 100% so the door wobbles a bit with soime pressure. This also drives me nuts. I need to do a electrical tape modification just so the back door fits.
  11. No changelog between Operating System revisions – This is one of the biggest complaints I have. There seems to be a new Beta OS for new RIM devices every couple weeks. I think it is great that they ship code so often. The problem I have with it is they dont include changelogs between builds. Users post what they think is different between releases including bugs, new issues, or even how they feel that the browser is faster or their 3G is speedier even though it is likely RIM did not touch code relating to either. Not that big a deal, it will only be a few more months until all support is put into the new and upcoming devices.

So there are all my complaints. Other than the above mentioned things this is a fantastic device. For those who might read that and think the Bold may not be any good, it took me a good long time to think up all those complaints after a month and a half of use. I could think of a list that long about an iPhone and I’ve only used one of those for a couple of hours.

Stay tuned, I will post the next series of my essential apps soon.

  • Pat Marsala

    truly a worthless piece of crap… PLEASE do not buy one the Blackberry Bold from AT&T… after fighting with it for 37 days and logging dozens of hours trying to fix the thing I am now told I am outside my window for returning it for a new device…. only refurbs….. do yourself a favor… if you have ANY problem with it at all return it to them….. It's no wonder these people are losing market share by the minute to every mfr. swinging a dime around….

  • stockiejohn

    Can't do anything but agree. The Bold is a piece of absolute rubbish. As you, I am a heavy user, the Bloomberg terminal takes up a bit of juice, but there's no reason it should take 5-6 minutes to reboot. After a couple of days of usage I have to reboot because the thing starts running really slow. Access to the MicroSD is painful, and the 1 alarm limit is just annoying. It still doesn't suck as bad as my wife's iPhone though.

  • stockiejohn

    Can't do anything but agree. The Bold is a piece of absolute rubbish. As you, I am a heavy user, the Bloomberg terminal takes up a bit of juice, but there's no reason it should take 5-6 minutes to reboot. After a couple of days of usage I have to reboot because the thing starts running really slow. Access to the MicroSD is painful, and the 1 alarm limit is just annoying. It still doesn't suck as bad as my wife's iPhone though.

  • Joshiperangadu

    dear friends, I bought a BB bold 6 months back I, I reloaded software 4 times already if battery finish then the screen didnot come back even after charging 10 hrs. that I repaired, now the problom is low volume of the speaker is anybody can help me? please what I have to do? I wanted to replace this piece with some other phones or with nokia. but the shop keeper is not accepting to replace the unit. Please help me….

    Joshi.(Please Help

  • Kgoudreau

    I agree the reboot time takes way too long.  I’m also tired of the animated clock sometimes it just keeps going and going and uses up my battery.  Can’t wait until my contract is up.  keg

  • Tero26041

    It has been one sick joke after another with my black berry. So I am waiting for an email from a business associate in Zambia, its 11 30pm so they will be getting up soon…. bling… my email service is suspended just like that…. but wait no problem there are directions here in this email from black berry! another sick joke… just verify your password it says… so I type in my password and … nothing it tells me I have the wrong password and I know my password…. nothing for it It is 2 am and I drive to my office to get on line… Using a browser I am supposed to (1) access the BBerry internet service site… ok (2) go to email accounts page… yea right I need a pin and soem other numbers to do that and the other number I am told is on the box the B Berry came in… who keeps the box?  it never ends… I want my money back   I have been ripped off basically. the service is a non service merry go round of phone calls and of course BBerry has no phone number… verizon customer service is closed for another 4 hours and by then I will miss the opportunity of a life time and what can I do about it… nothing! Black Berry prince of darkness, how do you stay in business, you have the most expensive phne in the world and the worst most convoluted non service imaginable!  How did things get this f*#!d up?  I want an I phone like my daughter has! Screw you Black berry!

  • Starowesky

    i hate this piece of crap, you forgot to mention the battery memory doesnt last, reset it as many times as you like after a week or so it will start dying half-way through the day, reset 3 times and it’s good for another 2 weeks.
    password protect stops from outlook sync, it prompts for password and gets locked up multiple times during sync.  i have never gotten the sync to work fully with password protection on
    device lock releases automatically comming out of the pouch, i’ve started 2 new apps, called my ex and taken a picture of my crotch by the time i can get it out of the pouch and to my sight.
    can’t disable the touchscreen, got SOO tired of not being able to touch it i tried, can’t do it.  wanted touchpad like originals but nope, not allowed
    no programmable hard keys like curve, only camera – which works awesome, especially every time i pick up the phone to call someone (more pictures of my crotch)

    oh, and newest one, if you travel for a living they know about a new problem, some phones will lose internet service, no email, etc.  phone works but it says “temporary bad service” – which last for days.  called tech support and they said you have to pull battery whenever you get to your destimation and let phone completely reload (turning off doesnt work) – this is very lovely every single trip

    i hate this piece of crap!
    bradenton, fl

  • HateMyBBwithAPassion

    Yeah…I was a Blackberry fan and the tide has turned since using the iPhone 4S. Now, after using the Samsung S3, I love it. S3 screen is big, browser readjust and resizes text. S3. Beats iPhone. And puts Blackberry in the Stone Age. I HATE Blackberry big time. Their Playbook made no difference as it is slow to reboot, and lack app support and apps were unstable. Therefore, BB10 is not going to move me. Samsung Galaxy S3 moved me and I plan to get Note 2 as soon as this stupid BB contract is up.

  • Kafjn

     i hate my bold so much

  • ocdhd

    Still got one for shits and giggles. A Blackberry Bold 9700. Let me add to this. In No particular Order here goes:

    1) Terrible Build Quality
    2) Blackberry OS 6.
    3) Browser crashes on most web pages
    4) File manager cannot “Select All”
    5) Shitty Apps and most are paid (Android apps are generally free)
    6) No real control over what you can or cannot do.
    7) Agree with all original poster comments
    8) Good luck sending a 1mb MMS Message. You cant.
    9) Desktop manager Under Applications – Once you hit Apply, it always does something and removes Blackberry ID. When you reboot, and try to go in the shitty App world, it has to download Blackberry ID again.
    10) No Wifi Contact Syncing with Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo, or anything. You need a BS (I mean BIS) account. You have to pay.

    RIM got what they deserved. They can do whatever they want now, but just look around, no one carries these things. Except the dellusional idiots at crackberry.

    But hey, this son of a bitch, it makes a phone call, and can text, and imap email.
    Say no to BES and BIS, just use the wifi (Pain to set it up but its possible) and use LogicMail for emails.
    Good for an emergency phone only. Can anyone believe that it was nearly a $700 phone when it first released? Ha! Wouldn’t pay a Dollar for it.