Howto Screencast: Convert downloaded videos for Blackberry

I have created a 4 minute screencast showing how to convert videos and movies so they will play on the Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900 and the Storm.

I reference Lifehacker and the post Top 10 Free Video Converters. You can find a list of software there. I myself prefer Clone2Go Free version which is demonstrated in the screencast. Hope this helps!…


Essential BlackBerry Applications: Part 4 – The REXwireless Suite

It has been some time since my last post in the series, Essential BlackBerry Bold Applications. I have another post of apps planned soon after this one, there have been a bunch of great releases lately that I am excited to share. This post will be dedicated to a suite of apps from the same developer, REXwireless.

I first heard about REXwireless while browsing the Crackberry forums. A few users were talking about productivity applications and highly recommended the applications from REXwireless. After checking out their website and finding there was a fully functional free trial, I thought it couldnt hurt to try the software myself and see if I was missing anything. I am glad I did. I will explain each of the products…


List of Free and cheap Subversion (SVN) repository hosts

So currently I am hosting 4 SVN repos on the same box as our web server. The server is maintained by me and gets backed up not nearly enough. So before I have a disaster and lose months of work I began looking to at least store my code somewhere safer. In my search to find SVN hosting this is what I found which can hopefully save you some searching:

  • XP Dev –  Completely free SVN repository hosting for projects smaller than 1.5 gbs. Free for Open Source and private projects, with any number of contributors. XP Dev offers a pretty impressive list of features for a free service including issue tracking, wikis and task management. Looks like a great and promising site. They


Proactive customer service or twitter stalking damage control?

Over the last couple months I have started using Twitter every day. It took me 2 or 3 times trying it before I thought it wasnt completely useless and waste of time. Now that I am subscribed to a few news services that I find interesting like TechCrunch, Engadget, CBC News (but not interesting enough to add to my RSS feed), I can watch the headlines and click if I want but I wont cry if I miss it. Within a couple weeks Dell UK started following my Tweets. Very strange as I have never said a word about Dell on Twitter, nor have I ever owned a single Dell product and nor am I British, I am Canadian.

After I began Tweeting myself occasionally which has now…