List of Free and cheap Subversion (SVN) repository hosts

So currently I am hosting 4 SVN repos on the same box as our web server. The server is maintained by me and gets backed up not nearly enough. So before I have a disaster and lose months of work I began looking to at least store my code somewhere safer. In my search to find SVN hosting this is what I found which can hopefully save you some searching:

  • XP Dev –  Completely free SVN repository hosting for projects smaller than 1.5 gbs. Free for Open Source and private projects, with any number of contributors. XP Dev offers a pretty impressive list of features for a free service including issue tracking, wikis and task management. Looks like a great and promising site. They even have posted a guide to help you migrate your existing repository over to them. Commiters must create an XP Dev account.
  • Project Locker – Appears to be the best value from the bunch for paid SVN hosting. Appears as if you want to have a Trac you either need to be an Open Source project or pay. For $5 USD you can get 5 commiters, unlimited repos, unlimited Tracs and of course backups. Comparison of service options here.
  • SVN Repository – Appears similar to Project Locker except more expensive on small projects. Cheaper for unlimited number of commiters. Comparison of options on main page.
  • DejaVu – Another but not nearly as cheap as the others, cheapest plan is $19 USD if you are not one of the ‘chosen ones’ who recieve a free invite only account.
  • Assembla – Offers a free workspace for free and public projects including ticketing system, Trac, team collaboration, wikis, time tracking and more. Assembla is much more than just project hosting, they offer a team management system where the cost is determined by the number of users. Assembla also offers Git and Mercurial as source control options.
  • Dreamhost – Offers unlimited SVN repos for web hosting account holders. SVN is an old version 1.43 which lacks merging. Setup instructions can be found here.

The Free and Open Source Contenders:

  • SourceForge – Everyone knows what SourceForge is. Free for Open Source projects, offers source control, basic project pages including issue tracking and crappy discussion forums,
  • Codeplex– Microsofts Open Source project hosting community. If you have an Open Source Windows related project you can host it on Codeplex which provides source control, issue tracking, and discussion forums.
  • Google Code – If you have an Open Source project and want a little more than just source control you can get a Google Code workspace. The Google Code account is free and includes SVN, a wiki and issue tracking as well as a basic public project page.

Let me know of any others in the comments and I will add them.

*Prices and information accurate as of February 2009.

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