Blackberry Essential Apps: Part 5

Here is Part 5 of my Blackberry Essential applications. This is a longer list than usual but some of these apps are small utilities and dont require much description. Hope you find the list useful.

AutoStandby – I use my Blackberry alot, as you can imagine. One of the first things I did was buy a larger battery on eBay which gives me about 30% more life. Still wasnt enough. After purchasing this app which is deffinitely worth the $6 USD, I saw a greater improvement than the larger battery. Although the app has had some glitches in my experience, this one I can’t live without.

BerryBuzz – I picked this one up last week as I have wanted the functionality this app offers since I got my Bold. With this app you can change the colour of the alert LED depending on what caused the alert. Now without even taking my BB out of standby I can tell if I have a new email (and from which account), a SMS, Calendar entry etc. Here are some screens, all settings are done via standard options screen.

BBFileScout – This is BY FAR the best file manager program out on the Blackberry. I have tried half a dozen of them and none met my expectations until just the other week I found this gold mine. This is as close to Windows Explorer or Finder as you can get. When you click on a file, FileScout is smart enough to recognize the file type and open it with the appropriate application. Clicking a .doc file will open it in Docs to Go. What a concept! I cant believe other so called file managers havent included this feature. FileScout also includes zip support, text file viewing and more. This is absolutely essential. The author hopes to keep this app free and asks that you make a small donation on his website.

Tetris – This is a free Tetris clone made by a member of the Crackberry community, Papped. It has music from the original game and is great for when you have a few minutes to kill. Works like tetris! Donations are accepted and encouraged on his homepage.

QSMS – This little app is great, it creates a hotkey fot the letter Q to bring up the ‘Compose SMS’ screen. Invaluble.

QuickPull – The application simulates a battery pull on your device without you actually having to remove the battery. If you are having software or hardware/gps issues you can run this to reset the device. This simulates a battery pull which is different then a reboot – Alt + Right Shift + Del.

Capture It – This is a handy program if you ever want to take screenshots of your Blackberry. Many of the default applications have a ‘Capture It’ menu option to take a screenshot which is put in your media folder. For other apps, you can set one of your side keys to ‘Capture It’ which will launch the program whos only purpose is to take a screen capture.