I am Graduating! – Available for Software Development Work

Update: Following a 6 week security check, I have been working for Ontario Power Generation – Nuclear since early June. Thanks!!

It is hard to believe that four years ago I began my undergraduate studies at  University here in Ontario, Canada. This month I am graduating with an Honours Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Business Administration and now looking for work in the Greater Toronto Area. In order to graduate with a Science and an Arts major, I had to attend four years straight including summer classes.

As a result of my graduation I am available for work! For the past two years I have worked part time for my school doing Windows, Linux and Solaris systems administration. I setup a new system (on new hardware) and maintain the servers that are currently used for academic support in the Computer Science Department, including web, development and database servers or anything else a need arises for. During school I have contributed to a couple Open Source projects including a popular multi-platform BitTorrent client as well as multiple web related side projects, mostly developed in PHP.  Prior to starting school I was in sales, attaining recognition of sales figures in my district and even attaining top 10% of salespeople in the country for two back to back quarters.

My passion and spare time for the past year has been starting the development of my own project, a desktop/web app that I have been wanting to build to improve the Microsoft Windows experience. About a year ago, after finding a mentor and recruiting four of the most skilled students at school, we started work designing and writing our app. I dont want to reveal specifics yet as we hope to have a public beta of our app in the summer. I have developed the desktop portion of our app and did the initial work on our application server (C# and WCF) not to mention all web/development server maintainance and configuration (which unfortunately almost equals development time).

I am looking for a .NET position developing desktop or web applications. I am well versed in C# .NET and confident in C++, Java and Python. I am very familiar with all common development tools and paradigms, taking an active part in the .NET community. If you are looking to hire an extremely promising and motivated young developer, I am available next month for remote or office work in the GTA. Send me an email (markstahler a@t gmail.com), Twitter message or use the contact form and I will send you my resume. I will also be attending the HackLab.TO Job Fair this Saturday in Toronto.