Ruby on Rails + Gmail SMTP (TLS)

This took way too long to figure out the answer to without using a custom plugin. I hope this helps others! I was setting up Redmine with Gmail as an SMTP server utilizing config/email.yml. Behold!

email.yml with no other related changes in environment.yml using Rails 2.2.2

delivery_method: :smtp
enable_starttls_auto: :true
port: 587
authentication: :plain
tls: :true
user_name: “”
password: “YOURPASS”

If you are setting up Redmine, there is a nice feature under Administration > Settings > Email Notifications > and in the very bottom right corner of the page, a “Send a Test Email” link…


Dlink NAS DNS-323 + Debian chroot + rTorrent + wTorrent

EDIT #2: I have written an expanded and up to date (Jan 2010) guide on the setup of a DNS-323 with Transmission. This has been written as a series of posts and can be found

EDIT: I no longer use the rTorrent + wTorrent combination, there were fatal bugs in rTorrent which caused it to crash after a short period of time (5 hrs – several days??). I use Transmission + .NET Remote + Transmission Web Interface. If you want a guide for this one (using Debian and built from source; a Funplug installer is currently available here), let me know in the comments.

This is a quick guide to getting rTorrent running on your 323 with the wTorrent web interface.

There are…