The Ultimate DNS-323 Setup: Part 4 – Mulitple Ways To Control Transmission Remotely

Transmission Web Interface

Transmission comes with a fantastic web interface built in. The web interface is sometimes referred to as Clutch, which was the name of the web interface project before it was included officially with Transmission.

While transmission-daemon is running on the DNS-323, you can access the web interface by:

http://<DNS-323 IP>:9091 or in my specific case It is important that you assign you DNS-323 a static IP (easiest to do on the router) so this IP address does not change.

Transmission Remote .NET

This interface is for Windows machines and is very similar to operating uTorrent. The webpage for this project can be found at

From the settings menu, add the IP of the DNS-323 and you should see all the torrents running in the familiar interface.

Transmission Console Interface

There is a nice and easy to use console interface available for use with Transmission. The webpage for this project can be found at Download it here

The Console Interface is a single Python script that can be run on a remote or local console. First you must install a few dependencies. Python and several modules are required. If you are installing the script to run on the DNS-323, these are the following Debian packages that are required:

apt-get install python
apt-get install python-simplejson
apt-get install python-geoip
apt-get install python-ndas

You can use the interface by typing:

python –c <DNS-323 IP>

Keys to control torrents are pretty intuitive and the options are labeled within the program.

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    Thanks for providing this information. It was very helpful.

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  • Mistvan

    Thank you a lot, it’s working. I would like to run transmission-daemon at bootup? Is it possible, how could I do it?

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  • Yanto

    “apt-get install python-ndas” should be :

    apt-get install python-adns