Blackberry Essential Apps: Part 5

Here is Part 5 of my Blackberry Essential applications. This is a longer list than usual but some of these apps are small utilities and dont require much description. Hope you find the list useful.

AutoStandby – I use my Blackberry alot, as you can imagine. One of the first things I did was buy a larger battery on eBay which gives me about 30% more life. Still wasnt enough. After purchasing this app which is deffinitely worth the $6 USD, I saw a greater improvement than the larger battery. Although the app has had some glitches in my experience, this one I can’t live without.

BerryBuzz – I picked this one up last week as…


Howto Screencast: Convert downloaded videos for Blackberry

I have created a 4 minute screencast showing how to convert videos and movies so they will play on the Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900 and the Storm.

I reference Lifehacker and the post Top 10 Free Video Converters. You can find a list of software there. I myself prefer Clone2Go Free version which is demonstrated in the screencast. Hope this helps!…


Essential BlackBerry Applications: Part 4 – The REXwireless Suite

It has been some time since my last post in the series, Essential BlackBerry Bold Applications. I have another post of apps planned soon after this one, there have been a bunch of great releases lately that I am excited to share. This post will be dedicated to a suite of apps from the same developer, REXwireless.

I first heard about REXwireless while browsing the Crackberry forums. A few users were talking about productivity applications and highly recommended the applications from REXwireless. After checking out their website and finding there was a fully functional free trial, I thought it couldnt hurt to try the software myself and see if I was missing anything. I am glad I did. I will explain each of the products…


Essential Blackberry Applications: Part 3

Here comes part 3 of my essential Blackberry apps list. Yes, I am an App whore. Yes, I love my Blackberry. No, I do not want an iPhone (I use copy/paste, lol).

  • Poynt (Free) – Poynt offers 411 service, movie times and directions. I have only tested the service in Canada which works fantastic. I imagine it works in other countries also but you will have to check. The local business listing is fantastic. A couple days ago I needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping for my wife. I used Poynt (which can use your GPS to determine your location and proximity to businesses) to search for the local store which I needed to order the gifts from. It was the first result of


Essential Blackberry Applications: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my BlackBerry application list. I have included Twitter links so you can follow the progress and updates of the apps you decide to use. I also added my Twitter feed to the left of the blog. You are also welcome to follow me.

  • BerryStore (Twitter) (Free) – I wish I would have found this app a few days ago. This app is fantastic as it has a nice interface to find, rate and download Blackberry apps straight from the program. Many of my essential apps can be downloaded directly from BerryStore.Dont let the name deter you, the vast majority of programs included in ‘”the store” are completely free. Download this right away.


Essential Blackberry Applications: Part 1

I just purchased my first Blackberry, the Bold. As a techie I have scoured the Internet looking for custom apps, tweaks and just about everything I can do to tinker with my new pda/phone. I have gone through a dozen IM programs and a dozen others looking for high quality and useful apps for my new Blackberry. Here is my list of essential apps.

  • TwitterBerry (Twitter) (Free) – Great minimalist Twitter client. UI is the best of the alternatives (TinyTwitter, BlackBird) and the most responsive. Now that Twitter no longer is offering SMS service to the UK or in my case Canada, Twitter on the BlackBerry is essential. TwitPic support is built in (although I was having some issues with it) and I