Self Hosting Sucks

Jeff Atwood and the guys at Stack Overflow posted about their dilemma as they try to scale: to host their own servers or pay a management company to do it for them. Tough decision? Yeah right.

I like to tinker with my computer. Since I was a wee teenager I played with Linux. At 15 I was given access to a Linux shell and charged with maintaining multiple Quake 2 servers running on a sweet sweet OC12 at Qwest and serving hundreds of players daily. During these years I thought it must have been the coolest job to get paid to tinker with servers all day. Since I have become enlightened in a number of ways……


Log4net app.config with console and file logging

Here is a quick example .config of log4net that does basic logging to the console and to a text file. I found a great tutorial outlining the config here but it didnt have a full example anywhere from what I found.…