3 Awesome Firefox Add-ons your probably not using but should

Over the past year I’ve flip-flopped through all the major web browsers (IE excluded). I used Firefox exclusively for years, had several month long affairs with Opera and finally settled using Google Chrome (or SRWare Iron) since its release. Over the past couple months however I have gone back to Firefox. The usability that can be gained through the use of extensions makes all other stock browser features moot. The extensions on this list are now on my required plugins list but you wont find them on your standard ‘Essential Firefox Add-ons List‘.

1. Omnibar

In order for me to ditch Chrome (and I did try a few times), I had to have the single bar for search and urls. It is such a basic…


Things I hate about my Blackberry Bold

I have had my BlackBerry Bold 9000 for nearly two months now. I figure I have spoken enough about how awesome and useful it, and some of the applications I have found are. The device however is not without its faults– there are certain things about it that drive me insane. 

  1. Reboot Time – It takes more time to reboot the Bold then it does to reboot my desktop and then my laptop one after the other. For a full five minutes the device is useless. I wish I understood why it takes so long.
  2. Slow Processor – The Bolds 624 mhz processor is the fastest among BlackBerrys. Why then is the device so bloody slow? I see the animated clock icon all the time


Why, oh why ?!? Windows 7 – 32 bit version.

Beginning January 9th, 2009, Microsoft will be officially providing a beta version of Windows 7 to the first 2.5 million downloaders according to the Windows Team Blog. The download, which will be in .iso format will be available via the official Windows 7 website. Microsoft is offering 32 and 64 bit versions allowing the option for fresh installs or upgrades from Windows Vista SP1.…


My Early Christmas Presents

I actually got these last month but haven’t posted till now. New case, new sound card and new Nvidia GTX 260. I actually posted about it here. Well here are some pics of the new case. I needed one with a lot more cooling considering the GTX 260 is half the size of my Xbox 360 and restricts airflow. The Coolermaster 680 is an awesome case. I just wish it was a tad bigger but other than that I cant recommend it enough.…


Complete Blog overhaul & mobile support

Drupal makes me want to break things. As much as I wanted to resist the move to Wordpress the transition was easy, quick and painless. The new 2.7 interface is actually very nice. The blog looks great in my opinion and I look forward to posting much more content.

I have included a Wordpress plugin called MobilePress that provides content nicely to mobile devices and I have added my Xbox tag and many social media sites to the right sidebar. Feel free to add me and expand your and my social network.

Essential CrackBerry Apps Part 3 coming soon…