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Grade Calculator for Students 1.0 – Free & Open Source

Last Update: January 17th, 2010

Quick Info

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  • Download
  • Works on Windows 7, Vista and XP (32 and 64 bit versions)
  • Will run on OSX or Linux (if you are savvy and compile it yourself)
  • Small, easy to use application to calculate grade averages quickly
  • Can save your marks and what each assignment is worth
  • Can be used to estimate your final grade
  • Open Source – C++ using the Qt 4 Toolkit released as GPLv2


Grade Calculator is a small program designed to help College and University students estimate and calculate their final grades. Grade Calculator allows you to input the marking scheme for a class into the program as well as each grade you get. The program is able to save and reload your input so you do not have to type in the same thing every time you run the program. This makes it easy for you to add or change marks you receive.

Once you have the class marking scheme entered you can calculate a grade out of 100%, whether you have completed an assignment or not. This allows you to guess or estimate your final grade by entering a grade you are likely to recieve or to determine the difference in your final mark depending if you hand in an assignment or not. With Grade Calculator you can determine what the benefit will be to your final mark whether you put in 90% effort or 75%. Sometimes the difference is negligable!

For example, say you have 3 assignments and 2 exams in a class. You have received 73%, 77% and 81% for the assignments and 70% on the midterm. Your goal is 80% in the class and you want to know what you need to score on the final in order to get your 80%. With Grade Calculator, you enter in the marks you have received so far and then estimate the exam grade by changing the spin box. You can easily determine what your final mark will be by adjusting your estimated exam mark and clicking the calculate button. In this example, we can determine that in order to obtain an 80% in the class, the final exam mark would have to be 87% or higher.


Grade Calculator 1.0 – Microsoft Windows Installer
Grade Calculator 1.0 – Multi-Platform Source Code (C++/Qt)
Source Code Repository – BitBucket

Windows XP Screenshots

Screenshot: Main Tab
Screenshot: Tab including marks for Midterm and Exam

Linux Screenshots (Vista Theme)

Screenshot: Main Tab
Screenshot: Main Tab

  • jibbyme

    This is a really great app, thanks. It has calmed me down over certain classes. =)

    For some reason, compiz.real, metacity, and kwin do not display the maximize or close button that should be in the top right, though, on Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope.

    For Ubuntu users, I needed to download libqt4-dev & qt4-qmake. However, I already had some KDE and QT programs installed, so it will change for you.

  • @jibbyme

    Thanks for the feedback! Aside from people I know in person, you are the first I have received feedback from despite hundreds of downloads. I am glad you have found the app useful, I will look into the Ubuntu issues although I am sure it would be fixed in the next QT update.

    You have got me thinking of working on the next app that I never finished, GradeBook Calculator.

  • chris

    such a simple and effective program, many thanks

  • chris

    such a simple and effective program, many thanks

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