Ruby on Rails + Gmail SMTP (TLS)

This took way too long to figure out the answer to without using a custom plugin. I hope this helps others! I was setting up Redmine with Gmail as an SMTP server utilizing config/email.yml. Behold!

email.yml with no other related changes in environment.yml using Rails 2.2.2

delivery_method: :smtp
enable_starttls_auto: :true
port: 587
authentication: :plain
tls: :true
user_name: “”
password: “YOURPASS”

If you are setting up Redmine, there is a nice feature under Administration > Settings > Email Notifications > and in the very bottom right corner of the page, a “Send a Test Email” link…


Dlink NAS DNS-323 + Debian chroot + rTorrent + wTorrent

EDIT #2: I have written an expanded and up to date (Jan 2010) guide on the setup of a DNS-323 with Transmission. This has been written as a series of posts and can be found

EDIT: I no longer use the rTorrent + wTorrent combination, there were fatal bugs in rTorrent which caused it to crash after a short period of time (5 hrs – several days??). I use Transmission + .NET Remote + Transmission Web Interface. If you want a guide for this one (using Debian and built from source; a Funplug installer is currently available here), let me know in the comments.

This is a quick guide to getting rTorrent running on your 323 with the wTorrent web interface.

There are…


I am Graduating! – Available for Software Development Work

Update: Following a 6 week security check, I have been working for Ontario Power Generation – Nuclear since early June. Thanks!!

It is hard to believe that four years ago I began my undergraduate studies at  University here in Ontario, Canada. This month I am graduating with an Honours Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Business Administration and now looking for work in the Greater Toronto Area. In order to graduate with a Science and an Arts major, I had to attend four years straight including summer classes.

As a result of my graduation I am available for work! For the past two years I have worked part time for my school doing Windows, Linux and Solaris systems administration. I setup a new system (on new hardware) and…


Blackberry Essential Apps: Part 5

Here is Part 5 of my Blackberry Essential applications. This is a longer list than usual but some of these apps are small utilities and dont require much description. Hope you find the list useful.

AutoStandby – I use my Blackberry alot, as you can imagine. One of the first things I did was buy a larger battery on eBay which gives me about 30% more life. Still wasnt enough. After purchasing this app which is deffinitely worth the $6 USD, I saw a greater improvement than the larger battery. Although the app has had some glitches in my experience, this one I can’t live without.

BerryBuzz – I picked this one up last week as…


Howto Screencast: Convert downloaded videos for Blackberry

I have created a 4 minute screencast showing how to convert videos and movies so they will play on the Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900 and the Storm.

I reference Lifehacker and the post Top 10 Free Video Converters. You can find a list of software there. I myself prefer Clone2Go Free version which is demonstrated in the screencast. Hope this helps!…


Essential BlackBerry Applications: Part 4 – The REXwireless Suite

It has been some time since my last post in the series, Essential BlackBerry Bold Applications. I have another post of apps planned soon after this one, there have been a bunch of great releases lately that I am excited to share. This post will be dedicated to a suite of apps from the same developer, REXwireless.

I first heard about REXwireless while browsing the Crackberry forums. A few users were talking about productivity applications and highly recommended the applications from REXwireless. After checking out their website and finding there was a fully functional free trial, I thought it couldnt hurt to try the software myself and see if I was missing anything. I am glad I did. I will explain each of the products…


List of Free and cheap Subversion (SVN) repository hosts

So currently I am hosting 4 SVN repos on the same box as our web server. The server is maintained by me and gets backed up not nearly enough. So before I have a disaster and lose months of work I began looking to at least store my code somewhere safer. In my search to find SVN hosting this is what I found which can hopefully save you some searching:

  • XP Dev –  Completely free SVN repository hosting for projects smaller than 1.5 gbs. Free for Open Source and private projects, with any number of contributors. XP Dev offers a pretty impressive list of features for a free service including issue tracking, wikis and task management. Looks like a great and promising site. They


Proactive customer service or twitter stalking damage control?

Over the last couple months I have started using Twitter every day. It took me 2 or 3 times trying it before I thought it wasnt completely useless and waste of time. Now that I am subscribed to a few news services that I find interesting like TechCrunch, Engadget, CBC News (but not interesting enough to add to my RSS feed), I can watch the headlines and click if I want but I wont cry if I miss it. Within a couple weeks Dell UK started following my Tweets. Very strange as I have never said a word about Dell on Twitter, nor have I ever owned a single Dell product and nor am I British, I am Canadian.

After I began Tweeting myself occasionally which has now…


The beautiful phrase “Man, I am an idiot…”

How often do you have “Man, I am an idiot” moments? Forgetting to pay a bill on time, saying something stupid and regretting it immediately after, or chopping the tip of your finger off cutting red peppers? Yeah, gross… Well if I did either of those things I dont think I would be too happy but in the programming world “Man, I am an idiot” is one of the things I like to hear most…

Today my team and I were plugging away, coding up a storm. We have some upcoming deadlines so we are all in crunch mode. The problem is that if I have done a ton of work that is all on a  related task, I begin to make stupid errors. I dont know if that is normal…


Things I hate about my Blackberry Bold

I have had my BlackBerry Bold 9000 for nearly two months now. I figure I have spoken enough about how awesome and useful it, and some of the applications I have found are. The device however is not without its faults– there are certain things about it that drive me insane. 

  1. Reboot Time – It takes more time to reboot the Bold then it does to reboot my desktop and then my laptop one after the other. For a full five minutes the device is useless. I wish I understood why it takes so long.
  2. Slow Processor – The Bolds 624 mhz processor is the fastest among BlackBerrys. Why then is the device so bloody slow? I see the animated clock icon all the time


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